Crochet Is an Accessible Art That Comes with A License to Be Prolific”. – Francine Toukou

When you build a home for yourself, the first thing you focus on is filling it with something that will give it a personal touch; you yearn to fill it with things of sentimental value that reflect who you and your adored family are.

At Yarn Happy 19, you will find an extensive array of handcrafted household items made with love, care, and warmth. All our handmade yarn products are customized for you.

We make all our products using the finest material that ensures quality none to others. Yarn Happy 19 products last longer and add that extra color to the areas around your house that they are kept in; as a result, creating welcoming and cozy living spaces.

Our Story

This business is a passion project, and we pride ourselves on providing a fantastic experience to all our customers when it comes to quality handmade yarn products.

Putting in the time and love into your project and making sure to give you the unique and quality products that you expect from us is what makes us stand out from the rest. We started crochet and crocheting as a relaxation hobby, but since June of 2019, it turned into a business that we now own rights to in the state of Ohio. Our mission and goal are to keep providing our clients with the respect and love that they deserve along with the best quality handmade yarn products for their beautiful homes and residences.